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4.1 Maze Chase

You are chasing a masked figure through the woods, and arrive at the entrance to their winding fortress. They have stolen the perfect final (and only) copy of your 333 from you, and you must not only get it back to turn in to your teacher, but find out their identity to prevent such heinous crimes from occuring for other struggling uppers. However, the criminal and their organization only navigate using puzzles! Follow them through their maze fortress to find out their identity and get back your 333.

Firstly, you come across a map of the fortress, but information is missing! You only have information about certain squares - you know that the maze is a closed loop, and you have information about certain squares indicating how many walls are adjacent to it. Before you can navigate the maze to find your foe, you must first map it. Once you've completed the map, go to, where the password is the adjacencies left to right, top to bottom of the squares inside the red region.

Screen Shot 2021-05-08 at 10.08.56

*Note: if you have any trouble with identifying colors on the map, feel free to contact HQ and we can help.

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