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Dear Puzzler,

The penultimate challenge of the hunt is a creative one. We have introduced you to the
beautiful world of hellishly cursed websites, but it is time for you to give back to the darkness
dankness. To complete the meta, you must:

- Prepare a drawing, code or vivid, fanfic-level description of an original, cursed website
from hell,
- Submit “DAMNED” as the answer to this puzzle to summon HQ and present us with
your work,
- Understand that excessive NSFW content will not keep you from finishing the puzzle, but
it may keep your creation from appearing in the closing ceremony.

Your work will graded on its:

- Originality (repeat ideas will be rejected),
- Aesthetics (or extreme lack thereof),
- Level of intricacy and/or attention to detail,
- Sheer cringe and cursed nature.

The top three websites will be displayed at the closing ceremony. Extra points will be awarded
for the inclusion of pigeons in novel contexts.

With <3,


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