Submit "GROUNDHOG" as an answer to puzzle 0 to start. 

Welcome to the fifth annual PEA Puzzle Hunt! This is a special year for the hunt, as we have been working very hard to make the entire weekend event adaptable to our online landscape. In lieu of a direct race to the finish, teams will be timed on how long they took to complete each meta, and a leaderboard will be posted. Instead of camping out in the academy building, teams will designate zoom calls that HQ members could drop in for hints and event puzzles. This digital format will be a learning experience for us all, but we ask for your help in making light of the situation brought to us. We, the members of HQ, have been working hard at home (procrastinating on schoolwork) to make sure our puzzles are still as polished, challenging, and above all else, fun to solve in wake of any disconnect from the regular in person Exeter Puzzle Hunt experience. More details to come in the kick-off zoom on Friday, May 22 at 6PM EST.




Kickoff                6:00PM EST -6:30 PM EST

Friday May 21   6:00PM EST - 1:00AM EST

Sat May 22         6:00AM EST - 1:00PM EST

                             6:00PM EST - 1:00AM EST

Sun May 23        6:00AM EST - 1:00PM EST

                             6:00PM EST - 1:00AM EST


Monday May 24 6:00AM EST - 8:00PM EST

Closing Ceremony: Tuesday May 25 9:00pm EST


Hint policy

You may call in for a hint on the Contact HQ form.  Hints are given out every 45 minutes and will be timed by HQ. No hints until an hour after your team has started the Hunt.


If you need anything else, use the Contact HQ form or email


HQ Number for Emergencies: (214) 808-7517

"What is Puzzle Hunt?"

With <3 by Hunt HQ 2020