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This is not a puzzle, but it helps focus


August, 1944

My dear,                                                               


The war has been rough. Each night as I sit alone, scanning the

scenery, I think back to when you would whisper in my ear as we lay beneath the stars. Of your flowing words, only droplets remain, as I fear I am losing my mind each day I am away from you.

All that keeps me going are my sketches. Oh how you loved to

watch me draw. As my pencil scratches the parchment I feel as though I can briefly hear snippets of your voice, echoing, until they fade away. I’ve included my favorites with this letter, along with directions to my favorite quiet spots. I hope they bring you as much joy as they have brought me.

My heart will always be with you.


Your True Loev

Once you walk across the second prairie, make a turn and cross the dunes. Then you must turn again, scale two sets of cliffs and stop at the end of the next mesa.
Traverse three valleys, then turn and hike across two dales. Finally, turn again and stop in the middle of the second mesa you encounter.
Scale the second set of cliffs, turn and stop as soon as you reach the next mesa.
After you have arrived at the fifth gulley, walk to the next mesa, then cross the valley in front of you. Before you finish your journey, turn and traverse the dale that lies beyond the third gully you encounter. Finally, stop at the end of the next mesa you encounter.
Turn as soon as you reach the fourth mesa. Then you must hike across the next set of dunes and stop right as you arrive at the mesa that comes after.
Once you reach the second gulley, turn and walk across the dunes in front of you. After turning again, then you must stop right after you reach the midpoint of the second gulley you encounter.
After you reach the second gulley that lies beyond the first set of dunes, turn and traverse the dale directly in front of you. You may only stop once you reach another gulley.
First you must cross the prairie that lies beyond the second set of cliffs. Then turn and cross the next set of dunes. Turn and stop when you reach the end of the mesa.
Stop at the very start of the first valley.

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